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"To bring together and further the technologies of Design Optimisation, CFD, GRID computation, Knowledge Management & Ontology in a demonstration of solutions to a challenging industrial problem"

GEODISE will provide Grid-based seamless access to an intelligent knowledge repository, a state of the art collection of optimization and search tools, industrial strength analysis codes, and distributed computing and data resources.

The Geodise Project has a number of key goals including:

  • Deliver a Design Optimisation Tool demonstrator for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) problems
  • Exploit GRID computing technology to flexibly couple computational and data resources
  • Further the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics for industrial application and develop adjoint based CFD solvers tailored for optimisation and design search
  • Enhance the design process through the adoption of Knowledge Management and Ontology techniques
  • Adopt industrial project management methodologies for running the project

Geodise aims to provide a Grid-based generic integration framework for computation and data intensive multidisciplinary design optimisation tasks while maintaining the autonomy of each individual domain expert.

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